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EDAIVA: Who are we?

By Team Edaiva

Last Updated : Apr 18, 2023

EDAIVA: Who are we?

“Hiring Tough can always help you manage easily”-Sue Tetzlaff

You could be unsure of what challenges a recruiter might encounter when hiring if you are very new to the hiring industry. Well, believe us when we say that this blog post would never end if we had to explain them all. However, if you are a candidate in today's society, these could also be your most difficult years if you are unemployed or looking for a new job. The obvious cause is the dearth of reliable websites that can assist you in landing a suitable job or internship. At precisely this time, Edaiva enters the picture. After reading the blog's title, we believe that you are familiar with the topic. We will be discussing how Edaiva has become one of the pioneers as one of the job search sites in India. If not, don't worry; we are here to introduce ourselves both as a brand and as your BFF.

Edaiva: What is it?

The very first thing that comes to mind when we need to define the essence of our brand, Edaiva, is that it is a platform that makes it easier for people to be employed and connects recruiters with the most qualified candidates. The world of employment is both competitive and stressful. There aren't many opportunities available. Finding an appropriate job is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in light of the Pandemic and the current state of the world. Because of this, Edaiva has a solution that can be used by both job seekers and recruiters simultaneously. It is a job search portal for job seekers in India that emphasises on being you.

Finding a qualified interviewee with the right knowledge and background, however, is another level of stress. All of our recruiters benefit from Edaiva's stress-free environment since we create a reliable link between the greatest Employers and the most qualified Candidates. One of the best job portal sites in India is Edaiva Jobs, which allows employers to uncover the gem that has been lost in the crowd while giving the best candidates another taste of all the wonderful prospects. Even though there are a lot of job sites, Edaiva Jobs continually screens qualified applicants to choose only the finest for you! You can sign up with us without cost and hire individuals that are true diamonds.

What are the different Sections of Edaiva?

There are several areas associated with the name Edaiva Jobs, and here we will attempt to explain how each section functions and what the benefits of joining it are so that you have clarity and that you can make decisions according to that.

These are the three sections on Edaiva that are currently available. Our instructor and learner platforms, which are also being created and will go live soon, are an addition to this. Let's now examine each of these components to see how we might profit from them.

What exactly is Edaiva Jobs for Candidates?

Edaiva Jobs is an online job search portal for job seekers in India that is unlike any other employment website that displays many jobs regularly. We operate uniquely. When you register with Edaiva job as a candidate looking for work, we thoroughly examine your preferences, including your location preference, the kind of jobs you are interested in, and your dream jobs. This analysis is conducted on a separate premise than your CV, question answers, or overall profile.  Once we understand your requirements, we only show you positions that match your expectations, so you can apply for the job right away and profit from being at the top of the queue of job applications. Aside from that, we allow you to track your job application on our application as a candidate. This way, you'll know exactly where your application stands. If you are rejected for a job, we allow you to investigate the reasons for your rejection so that you can improve those areas and reapply stronger. You can even join interviews with your employer straight from our application, eliminating the need to go back and forth. 

The Advantages of Using Ediava Jobs.

If we talk about the benefits of being a job seeker at Edaiva, the paragraph will be as long as it can get. The employment market is unsuitable these days, but we all need some form of job to support ourselves financially and in life. In reality, we frequently fail to locate firms that seek genuine talent and do not rely on recommendations and internal connections. How do you locate such companies? Well, Edaiva is a website where you can locate legitimate companies eager to give Jobs that might be Full Time, Part Time, or if you are a student, an Internship, or a paid internship offer. Edaiva is the candidate that roams and searches for job websites that would assist them without any hidden agenda. Thus, if you are looking for multiple job portal sites in India then your search should end here.

Into the Depth of What is Ediava for Recruiters?

Edaiva for Recruiters is a free job portal for recruiters looking to hire the best people for their company. This functions as a link between recruiters and candidates, and Ediava is not a third-party application that wants to know everything about the process. Our mission is to ensure that recruiters obtain the best applicants for their companies and that candidates get the employment of their dreams. When you register as a recruiter with Ediava, you will receive numerous benefits. Let's look through them below.

What are the Advantages of using Edaiva Recruiter?

You may be wondering why you need an Edaiva account to become a member and what the perks are. The advantages are numerous. Edaiva has created a program in which Recruiters can take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to post FREE internship application posts without costing a dime. Furthermore, the Recruiter will only see candidates who are more than qualified for the position. Unlike other job boards, Ediava does all of the filtering and prefiltering to locate the appropriate candidate. It is also one of the few free job portals in India where you can post internships for free. Only the recruiter can take the interview, which can also be done on the Edaiva website without going to any third-party websites. The list could go on and on. There's a lot there for you.

What is Edaiva Placement Cell, and what are its benefits?

The placement cell is responsible for the majority of student placements. Be it full-time jobs, Internships, or Paid Internships, placement is a must for most of the curriculums today. The placement cell will have the added benefit of monitoring the exact process of interviews and the ongoing interviews of each of the applicants in the profile with us at Edaiva. They will also be able to determine whether their students are receiving adequate opportunities for interviews. Edaiva has always made it a priority to make the job-searching and interviewing processes as stress-free as possible. That is why we assist the placement cell in being their own student's guardian angels in obtaining the greatest possible job!

To summarise, one question may cross your mind: "Why should I choose Ediava when I have so many job portal sites in India?" The solution is straightforward. We are our own rivals. We at Edaiva envision an India where jobs and recruitment are transparent, there are no hidden fees, and the platform is accessible to everybody. Assisting Edaiva in becoming a one-of-a-kind platform that will not only open up a world of options for students and professionals but will also assist both candidates and firms in managing every step of the recruiting process, creating an experience like no other. This is the sole reason why today we happen to be amongst the best job search sites in India. The procedure will be simplified and transparent for both the Candidate and the Recruiter, who will be familiar with the applications and the process linked with them thanks to Edaiva.

If you are one of those people who is having difficulty finding a job or hiring the ideal candidate? We are encouraging you to click on this link to find the best options for your flawless recruitment and job hunt! 


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